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Dalian airport Cary help improve the franchise sys

In the past 5 years, the airport group Toubajiaoyi Dalian Zhoushuizi Airport in the terminal business sector grew into the bottleneck, the performance is not ideal. And at the same time, the surrounding such as Sheyang Taoxian Airport, Harbin Taiping Airport and other commercial sector is increasingly on the right track, in a period of rapid growth. In a few years, the Dalian airport was far behind. What causes this phenomenon? Cary project with research questions this field. Survey results show that the main reasons include the following three aspects:

First, the objective conditions, the terminal building structure has the effect of congenitally deficient in the commercial layout

In the airport terminal building design process, only from the airport flight movements to enhance processing point of view, almost completely ignored the needs of passengers and airport management experience in business, leading to the terminal of a fantastic long "a" word band (Figure 1). At the same time, the isolation zone and the departure hall area ratio misconduct. A longer stay in the quarantine area is too narrow, the effective reduction of commercial area. All in all, the defects of the terminal building to the Dalian airport terminal business brings many innate unfavorable factors.

Figure 1: Dalian Zhoushuizi Airport terminal floor plan (departure floor 2 floor)

Two, subjective conditions, leadership and management of the disordered management, the terminal has become a microcosm of the tragedy of the commons "

1, Dalian airport leadership in the past few years, frequent changes, swing group development strategy of uncertainty, lack of policy coherence, leading to stagnation of business sector reform, not timely changes in the market to take appropriate response measures. Typical performance is that the group's determination to implement the market is not thorough enough, there is a considerable proportion of self and franchise (outsourcing) situation, can not give full play to the role of the market.

2, at the same time, the Dalian airport business management right scattered, scattered in various departments Group commercial resources management department, trading company, stock management department, American food company etc.. This "multi long operation and management" phenomenon, leading to the Dalian airport into a chaotic state of disorder. A prominent phenomenon is that each department separately investment, do not communicate with each other. And merchants signed a contract when the lack of uniform standards lack of coordination. The terminal has become a multi all have the right to use, and no one to prevent others from using the "commons", inevitably fall into the common "tragedy of the commons".

According to the above reasons, the new carrier, and Dalian airport group is responsible for the overall terminal business resources business management company with comprehensive carding plate group of non aviation (especially terminal business) strategy, a thorough overhaul of terminal business contracts. At the same time, proper adjustment of passenger line. Through the above work, the group clearly terminal business development direction and objectives, to determine the business management of the company's right to operate the only legal.

On this basis, Cary on Dalian airport terminal business layout re planning, referring to the existing businesses and passenger nature characteristics, to determine the subject and location of each plate, forming a business theme rich, layout reasonable, clear positioning of the new pattern (see Figure two).

Figure two: new commercial layout of the terminal building of Dalian Zhoushuizi Airport (2 floor)

In the investment and operation level, Cary consulting built up a complete franchise system for Dalian airport. In the investment sectors, the Dalian airport will establish a system of market investment fair, open and transparent, set the access threshold, to prevent the "Disease enters by the mouth". In daily operations, Cary recommended the use of information technology to master the Dalian airport terminal business sales panorama, business situation understanding. At the same time, actively create a win-win business atmosphere, to provide businesses with promotions, publicity, display platform. After a comprehensive optimization, Dalian airport terminal business will fully realize the market operation, showing the format of scientific structure, product type rich, brand grade jump situation.

Through the assessment of Cary consulting, Dalian airport after finishing the full completion of rectification, the terminal is expected to achieve business income on the basis of 2015 quadrupled in the year 2017-2018, the domestic part of the realization of the goal of net income of 100 million.