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Cary Consulting - Qingdao International Airport Gr

Project innovation:

With the Qingdao airport group strategic transformation needs, from the top-level design to build infrastructure, to fully establish the internal and efficient organizational system, human resource system and enterprise culture system.

Project overview:

Project of Qingdao International Airport Group human resources and corporate culture hosted by Cary consulting started in July 2014, deep accumulation in the field of corporate culture human resources, combined with the carrier for many years, and a deep understanding of many cooperation with Qingdao airport accumulation, Qingdao airport will open sharply to establish a comprehensive and efficient system, internal organization of human resources system and enterprise culture system.

Qingdao Liuting Airport capacity is saturated, in the construction of the new airport, the leaping development of Qingdao airport management concept, management mode and operation mode brings great challenge and promotion space, imperative systemic change combined with the strategic direction of development. Since the project started, which lasted more than six months, involving a total of 29 company departments and subsidiaries, includes three modules: module, organization to enhance the human resources system upgrade module and the enterprise culture construction module, at the same time, Cary project for Qingdao airport to carry out a large number of professional training, a total of more than 80 hours, really share in the project, and the customer correct synchronization.

First, the organization to enhance the module:

According to the matching strategy, flat, clear responsibility, dynamic management, cost control principle, on the corporate organizational structure of top-level design, the formation of the "2-5-8" framework model, namely to service and incubator two platform as the support of five major business segments of the main body, the headquarters of the group eight functional departments for architecture management the core of the. According to the combination of centralization and decentralization, moderate centralization, reasonable decentralization, dynamic authorization, strategic synergy control principle, design strategy, finance, human resources, assets, financing and audit of the six control line.

Qingdao International Airport Group human resources and enterprise culture construction project

Two, human resources system upgrade module:

1, support for the realization of human resources management system based on strategy and organization structure, combined with the existing business and future business development, re combing post system, the "posts, quota and salary". And according to the strategic development of the next five years, the preparation of demand forecast.

2, in order to solve the core position of low pay, lack of incentives and other issues, in order to efficiency, efficiency as the support, in accordance with the "two" and "a" principle, to build a new salary system.

Qingdao International Airport Group human resources and enterprise culture construction project

Three, enterprise culture construction module:

With the highest participation, benefit by mutual discussion principle, through the enterprise culture concept, workshop collection, all levels of communication, a comprehensive analysis of the history, to clarify the group development strategy, combined with the analysis of regional culture and industry trends, clear positioning of entrepreneurial culture group. In the practice of socialist core values under the guidance of new ideas in the formation of the system of entrepreneurial culture, and through the ground and practice in the establishment of internal trainers team and to carry out the pilot departments of culture publicizing the work to help the Qingdao airport the concept of corporate culture.

This project through the organization to promote, realize the separation of main and auxiliary, auxiliary to stimulate the vitality of company operation, give full play to the enthusiasm of the leading group company and subsidiary company; human resource management system based on solid, compensation and performance management system to help the Qingdao Airport Group has established a set of market competition and internal incentive and enhance the performance appraisal and salary promotion, Job Promotion Association; in the enterprise culture construction module, clear the group's future "entrepreneurial culture" direction, providing innovative cultural atmosphere for the realization of strategic support group.

Qingdao International Airport Group human resources and enterprise culture construction project