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Standardized management refers to the relevant management system, business process, operation manual and other means of various aspects of the enterprise operation procedures, fixed and standardized, so that the work of rule-based, also makes each post duty clear, in order to improve the operational efficiency of enterprises and improve the management level of the enterprise purpose.

Standardized management is a kind of means must be adopted in the process of enterprise development, is the basic requirement of enterprise physical fitness, Lianhaoneigong, solid management foundation, for the healthy and sustainable development of enterprises and plays an important role to enhance the market competitiveness.

But the management standardization must adapt to the development stage of the enterprise. We found that in the process to provide management consulting business, a lot of growth oriented enterprises in the development process for this problem often go to two extremes: either too much emphasis on management standardization, standardization of management or not.

The two extreme hazards are great, too much emphasis on the standardization of the management system, the enterprise performance is the process of text everywhere, say the process specification, everything, everywhere set of rules. In this case, only the file system is reasonable and adapt to the stage of development of the enterprise, the staff have a certain quality, will perform better, the enterprise can develop smoothly. The most terrible is that some enterprise standardized file system does not adapt to the development of enterprises, can not reflect the essential requirements of business management, can not adapt to the enterprise's organizational structure and personnel quality. At this time, it will cause the staff loss, or produce a large number of buck passing phenomenon, significantly increased the workload of coordination between departments, reduce the operational efficiency of enterprises, employees have a negative impact and inert mentality, play employees enthusiasm and creativity of the cohesion.