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Airport economy and aviation city planning


International Exhibition Center, Airport Industrial Zone, logistics base, ecological residential area, the airport business district...... The future, as the center to the airport, 15 minutes drive radius will rise a metro airport. Airport economy, will become the city's new economic growth pole.

A perfect Metro Airport, requires great imagination, need to establish a unique Airport Economic Zone industrial chain, seeking win-win "economic benefits" and "social benefits", finally realizes the self organization mechanism of the airport business, airport economy and hinterland economy three interaction.

A complete Airport Economic Zone, but also need a strong executive ability to fully tap the regional advantages, through air traffic bottlenecks, the implementation of the "transition" construction concept, truly completed by the "City Airport" to "the great change of the airport city".

From imagination to realize, open a new dimension, but Cary can do it: because no one knows the airport more than us.


- establish a unique Airport Economic Zone industrial chain, to achieve win-win "economic benefits" and "social benefits"

Non aviation revenue theory, subject to geographical limitations less influence, is becoming one of the key challenges for the future of the airport, and the extension area of non aviation planning (Airport Economic Zone Planning) are becoming the focus of airport non aviation business planning

- as of 2009, a total of 34 airport area has put forward 44 airport economic planning / ideas.

Airport economic essence is from the airport air cargo flow extending demand arising from business, the development of the airport economic zone which in turn promote the growing volume of the airport passengers and airport operation efficiency, a good Airport Economic Zone planning to achieve the ultimate airport service, airport economy and hinterland economy between the three self organization mechanism.

Airport economic planning comes down to solve the following two key problems:

- how to do based on the airport, the airport economic value chain for the local industrial structure?

How to integrate resources - government policies to support the development of the airport economic zone?

Cary consulting will help build "model to assess the economic value and social value" for the airport, by business and government welcomed the airport economy.

Specific service

The specific service Cary Consulting provides airport economic planning and operations including:

1, industrial park planning and Design: Park industrial planning, spatial layout design;

2, the demolition and resettlement of the study: the park and the surrounding land lost farmers;

3, investment mode: investment and financing mode research and cycle planning;

4, investment programs and operations: the design and implementation of investment;

5, park operations: operation mode design and implementation support;

6, the park service supervision: service supervision content and system design.