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O2O operations Reserve Manager

O2O operations Reserve Manager
  • Degree required: Bachelor degree or above
  • Gender required: No limit
  • Job nature: full-time
  • Experience requirements: Operating a professional
  • address: ximen

O2O operations Reserve Manager (1 people)

Job requirements:

1, Bachelor or and education, professional is not limited, there are Di Di taxi, E generation driving, the United States Mission network, public comment and other related internship

Experience as a plus;

2, excellent data statistics and analysis capabilities, active thinking and sensitive to the user experience, there is a strong sense of insight and innovation;

3, excellent team leadership and coordination ability;

4, with the entrepreneurial passion, strong self motivation.

Job responsibilities:

1, the overall control of the company's O2O project development strategy, product planning, marketing strategy, as well as the corresponding landing;

2, 020 project operators have a deep understanding of the relevant market daily data analysis and assessment, the stage of optimization and adjustment,

Give solutions to all kinds of problems, and be responsible for the result;

4, O2O project operation of the business process and technical solutions to provide design and planning, and is responsible for the implementation of;

5, follow up the operation plan, collect user feedback, improve the product and operation process;

6, the construction and management of the operation team;

7, to coordinate the relationship between the company and the channels of cooperation, is responsible for the strategic adjustment of the channel to adjust the plan, channel cooperation effect.

Work place: Xiamen