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Message from the CEO

For nearly one hundred years, the Civil Aviation Industry of China has attracted worldwide attention and become the world's second-largest civil aviation transportation system. At the end of 2013, there are 3810 aircrafts, including 2179 transport aircrafts, and 24 ten-million-degree airports (except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) in the whole civil aviation industry in China.The Civil Aviation of China carried 354 million passengers in 2013, about one in nine of global passenger traffic. Today, the Civil Aviation of China is just like a giant eastern bird, taking off toward the world civil aviation field with enterprising spirit.

During the course of rapid development of the Chinese civil aviation, Kent Ridge Consulting Pte. Ltd. (KRC) has provided its services for Chinese aviation industry for more than a decade. Krcers practiced the most precious“professionalism” with continuous innovations and persistent efforts. What goes around comes around. We are delighted to see that the concepts, products and services of KRC have been widely accepted and highly regarded by the clients, which is having an everlasting impact on the strategy and performance of Chinese civil aviation.

KRC sincerely hopes to strengthen the exchanges and cooperation with friends from Airports around the world, and draw a splendid blueprint for airport industry together.

CEO of Kent Ridge Consulting:Lao Xin