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"Xin fire legend, koans --" Cary consulting intern

[course background]

"I have been in the management consulting industry for 14 years, I have a lot of accumulation and sentiment, you have experienced or are experiencing a lot of confusion I have experienced. Recently, I have been thinking, why not put so many years of accumulated work methods and insights to teach it, to help others grow better, so I decided to open this course...... I carry a sincere heart to you and sincere exchanges, I also hope you can return to my heart, only the exchange is truly effective......"

Why bother when it comes to this course effort, Cary consulting founder and Chairman Mr. Lao Xin says, and this course is also the name means "section - Xin fire legend, koans".

In the course of 2015 began officially started, is divided into three stages of learning, contains five modules:

The 1 module identity: consultant is to solve the problem, do not know the problem, not solve the problem, solve the problem is not a consultant;

The 2 module cooperation ability: let the entire organization for your use, relaxed and happy to reach the target;

The 3 module -- Thinking Ability: beyond the Internet is not a computer, is the human brain;

The 4 module communication ability: obedient, informed, Dayi, understand the heart, know TA than TA;

The 5 module: Well, your field instructor, put the podium into their home court;

[first issue]

"Xin fire legend, koans" a study started in February 2015 for a period of 10 days, mainly includes the "identity" and "communication skills" two learning modules. To create a good learning atmosphere, so that every participant has enough free thought space, course arrangement in the mountains and the sea, the environment elegant Le Meridien Munich Hotel Xiamen. In addition to Cary internal consultants to participate in the curriculum, but also to attract the Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Sichuan airport and Xiamen in group a construction firm outside the industry elite.

"Xin fire legend, koans --" Cary consulting internal learning course period ended

In a period of course, students witnessed a magical journey of learning, not accustomed to traditional training skills and imparting knowledge and indoctrination, this course adopts "feeling, experience, sharing, communication, learning and action", let students get self promotion in personal experience, so as to complete for self reflection, perception of the world, and to re sort the relationship between the self and the world.

A period of study includes two parts, "identity" and "communication skills":

"Identity" stage, to help students a deep understanding of how to operate the mental model and a profound impact on individual behavior, at the same time through rich action exercises so that students learn how to better get along with their own, get along with the world;

"Communication skills" stage, to help students learn how to prepare and communicate with others, how to position their identity, how to deal with each other's emotions, and how to promote and convince each other EQ.

Throughout the course of the study, students are calm in the face of their own heart, listen carefully, and sincerely share, and combined with the actual, to learn the contents of the understanding of digestion.

It is worth mentioning that in the process of learning, teachers guide students to a profound understanding of Lao Xin system identity through the "system arrangement" and other methods of power, thus stimulate the students quickly find the key through the identity positioning accuracy of the attitude adjustment promote communication.

10 days of learning soon passed, there is laughter, there are moving, more meditation, and everyone will continue to practice the road of self. This course is more like an open heart feeling the key to help students feel the growth of the heart and from the outside world, "Xin fire legend, the heart and heart, koans" will always pass on.

"Xin fire legend, koans --" Cary consulting internal learning course period ended

[the two issue of the notice]

"Xin fire legend, koans" two program in May 4th and lasted 5-6 days, subject: "thinking -- beyond the Internet is not a computer, is human", the course fee is 1500 yuan / person.

Cary Advisory welcome every friend to learn to grow their own concerns!

If you have any questions or want to sign up for courses to the curriculum, welcome your name, contact information, work units and other information to the carrier to send email, we will be in touch with you:

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