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Cary chairman Lao Xin speaker!

Public class China airport strategic transformation Internet plus era "

Internet plus time

Open class of strategic transformation of China Airport

Cary - 2015

Organizer: Cary management consulting Limited by Share Ltd

Teacher: Cary consulting chairman Lao Xin, Cary Internet plus division general manager Zhou Jie

Course time: August 6, 2015 all day, 7 days (1.5 days)

Open class venue: Xiamen, China

Course object: the chairman of the airport, the general manager, deputy general manager

Ministry of Commerce, the terminal business management department, IT department, human resources department, marketing department, service quality department and other departments responsible person

[open class background]

In March this year, the twelve National People's Congress on the three conference, Premier Li Keqiang in the government work report for the first time "Internet plus" action plan to enhance national strategy. The society has entered the "Internet plus" era, the Internet is not an industry, but a neutral tool penetration in all walks of life and people's life. It is not just the ubiquitous network that drives the current social changes, but also ubiquitous computing, ubiquitous computing, and ubiquitous knowledge.

Internet revolution swept through the entire business community, retail business, post, media, short distance transport...... Face the subversion of the industry. The airport industry has become land of idyllic beauty, alone?

The airport have launched their APP in April this year, the capital airport have full access to WeChat to pay, with its unprecedented promotional activities, a daytime shelf is moved; a week later, the Hunan airport group to become the first "Internet plus" airport clusters, many WeChat play set into the airport district......

All of this is just a new era of prologue. As a typical place for commercial, media and service integration, the airport terminal in China is ready to think, act and prepare as soon as possible!

To the airport, Internet plus means what opportunities and challenges? =APP, Internet business? How to use the Internet thinking revolutionary enhance the airport industry productivity?

[your harvest]

In the open class, Cary consulting will help China Airport

Understanding the nature of the airport's business model, crack the secret of the airport to achieve sustained profitability

The key to understanding Internet plus: the use of Internet technology to promote business innovation revolutionary

Internet plus three thinking -- User Center, data driven, ecological cooperation

Open class outline

Topic 1: Internet plus era subversive business model innovation

Content: To explore the nature of the business model of the airport industry, as well as the impact of the Internet thinking on business model

One, "Internet plus" is a revolutionary upgrade traditional industry productivity and the ability to create value

1, Internet plus three technical transformation: intelligent terminal, the interconnection of all things, in the cloud

2, technology is a basic revolutionary business transformation is the essence of the Internet plus

Case: what Edison invented?

Case: millet what is a company?

3, Internet plus three thinking Transformation: the user center, data driven, ecological cooperation

Two, understanding of the airport business model

1 business model differences lead to a huge difference in business results

2 airport business model, good or bad?

3 airport business model is the essence of the traffic economy

4 relying on the aviation industry to enlarge the flow, innovation and non aviation business to tap the value of traffic

Theme 2: subversive terminal business and experience management

Content: Internet plus the most direct impact of commercial advertising services in the field of change

First, visitors to the center of the experience management

1, product service: from the "business" to "business users" transformation

2, do you know your passengers?

3, the service process, passengers are passive acceptance or can take the initiative to participate?

4, according to user needs, enhance the initiative, from the air line line and line three passenger experience

O - line active intelligent - convenience

The time line of field purification, ecological - enjoyment

O - line space interaction, sharing, participation

5, the active line: the development trend of the wisdom of the airport

6, time line: to travel, enjoy the "theme of the airport building"

7, online space: the airport APP is just a platform to provide information?

Two, "Internet plus" era of O2O business practice

1, by the transformation and upgrading of the B-B-C business model for the business ecosystem, the airport business management has a huge room for improvement

Case: Exploration in the Internet business on the world advanced airport and try

2, terminal building electricity suppliers, not just online shopping

How to according to the characteristics of airport passengers, the airport O2O design mode to promote consumption?

How to according to the characteristics of airport passengers, the airport O2O design pattern to stick to the user?

How to use intelligent means to improve the shopping experience?

3, what can be done by WeChat, how to increase (WeChat, APP, etc.) platform users?

4, the realization of business, service, the media of the three major integration, will bring a new passenger experience and terminal value innovation

Theme 3: service and marketing based on WeChat and APP

The characteristics of a new era of marketing, Internet plus

In the Internet era, the traditional marketing behind the times?

The marketing is not the lack of content, is attention

Every big